Just a simple profile is enough for change of traditional 2D shapes into lively 3D shapes without any accessories. The line profile is beautiful and smooth, and installation is easy and quick. It only has a 5mm visible edge. Hard profile with aluminum alloy is applicable to any simple shapes.

      • All profiles can be easily installed on walls, wood pieces and steel structures.
      • After complete installation, visibility of the ceiling edge is only 5mm wide.
      • With Stretch ceiling, the height of inner room can be adjusted flexibly. Slant shapes and change of step levels are also possible.
      • Profiles can be made to any 2D or 3D shapes, such as semicircle, polygon, small vault, trumpet, etc.
      • Stretch ceiling is not append-ant to structural ceiling but forming an inner space below it. E&M service pipes and other equipment can be installed in the space.
      • Unlimited innovation
        STRETCH CEILING is a break through alternative to the shape and patchwork of traditional ceilings. It can be made to any 2D and 3D shape of big sizes (it can be 400sg.ft/piece), which allows unlimited possibilities for design and innovation. It is completely suitable for today’s multi-levels and high tasteful demand.
      • Energy saving
        STRETCH CEILING is made by PVC materials by which the heat insulation function is greatly improved, and very effectively retains the indoor temperature especially air conditioned areas. The function is just the same as divers putting on their diving suits to protect the body temperature from losing to sea water.
      • Easy installation
        It can be installed on walls, wood works, steel structure, plaster partitions and wood partitions and is applicable to any kind of building structure. The profile can be easily installed and fixed with staples at specified equal distances. During the whole installation, it will not create dust and will not cause any damage to inner room structure. It can even be installed during normal working and living hours.
      • Outstanding anti-ageing performance with ten years guarantee
        STRETCH CEILING profiles includes PVC and aluminum profiles. The main component of STRETCH CEILING is PVC and the edge is made by PVC with several additives so that it won’t be cracked and discolored. All the subassembly has ten years or above guarantee.
      • Safety and environmental protection.
        For environment protection, STRETCH CEILING fully complies with various standards of Europe and Asia. The products are made from environmental friendly materials, without any cadmium ethanol and other noxious substances. It is 100% recycled during manufacturing, installation, usage and discarding. It will not harm the surrounding environment and absolutely compliant today’s environmental protection requirements.